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MSM ProMedico Sphinctometer

MSM ProMedico Sphinctometer

By using the Sphinctometer the measuring of a Manometry (measuring the function of the Sphincter) has become easier and comfortable.

During the patient-friendly measuring procedure, the device determines the exact value of the contraction of the anal sphincter in mmHg. These values (measurement of the resting tonus and the strength of the voluntary contraction) are sent to the computer or the optionally delivered tablet via bluetooth / USB.

By means of SphinctoDat Software the course of treatment of each patient can be individually reproduced and saved. Thus the doctor receives an exact documentation of the data over a longer period.


  • Pleasant and safe measuring technique for both, doctor and patient
  • Objective determination of the anal tonus and the voluntary contraction force of the sphincter
  • Comfortable and exact documentation via the software
  • No disturbing disinfection as a result of the provided protective cover
  • Each instrument is individually manufactured and inspected
  • Handy and modern design
  • Certified by the German Association for Technical Inspection (TÜV), CE 0044
  • Billable by GDA

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